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Aldon Corporation Requests Quote

January 21, 2022

Today Aldon Corporation requested a quote from DSD Web Works to design and develop a new web site and content managed system for their corporate site. The specifications for the design needs and requirements were discussed and a thorough proposal will be written to clearly define the various elements for the project. The parts to such a quote will include a statement of work, server acquisition & management, website presentation, CMS (content managed system), site administration, search engine optimization, our coding standards, design security elements,  training and site maintenance & support.
?DSD Web Works looks forward to the possibility of working with Aldon Corporation to create a well organized, easily navigable, appealing, professional, informative, visual presentation coupled with an easy to use administrative interface (CMS).

Aldon Corporation Selects DSD Web Works

February 9, 2022

Today Aldon Corporation signed a contract for DSD Web Works to design and develop Aldon Corporation's website. The site will be responsive and be built around a custom built Content Managed System (CMS) that will allow for authorized Aldon personnel
to easily manage site content.
?Founded in 1964, Aldon Corporation is celebrating over 50 years of custom blending and packaging chemicals for a variety of markets. Their ISO 9001 certified facility provides over 2,000 laboratory chemicals in 13,000 sizes and configurations, providing the ultimate in flexibility, while including GHS Safety Data Sheets, labeling options, and a five-color storage system for each chemical.
?We look forward to working with the Aldon team to create a digital presence that is representative of the heritage and quality the company that will serve as a very affective marketing tool that presents existing and new clients with an easy means of understanding the many services and products that Aldon offers. In addition, we look forward to a long relationship in helping them manage the many nuances of their services and their growing list of chemical products as they grow within the industry. We are honored to be selected and look forward to exceeding their expectations.

Cornell University Renews Contract

February 11, 2022

Cornell University announced today that they will renew DSD Web Works' contract to continue to manage and maintain web sites and web applications for Central New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, Cornell Vegetable Program, Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture, Finger Lakes Grape Program, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, North Country Regional Ag Team, Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, South Central New York Dairy and Field Crops and Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program. We once again look forward to continuing to work with all team leaders, specialists and administrative staff and their digital efforts for educating and providing services for the New York agricultural community.

Aldon Corp. Reviews & Approves Wireframes and Mockups

February 15, 2022

Today DSD Web Works presented wireframes and mockup concepts to the Aldon team. Mockups included home page, internal pages and navigational. A wireframe blueprint was provided which completed the conceptional presentation for Aldon's new site. 

The presentation went very well and concluded with a full approval of our vision. We look forward to continuing work with Aldon in creating something special.

DSD Web Works Expands to West Coast

March 14, 2022

Today DSD Web Works opened our West Coast office in Portland Oregon. We look forward to our new presence on the other side of the country and are excited about having a closer link to our current West Coast clients and gaining new clients going forward.

Coach & Equipment Site Wide Upgrade

March 22, 2022

DSD Web Works and the Coach & Equipment team had a virtual meeting to completely review the main manufacturing site for Coach. All updates assured ISO 9001 for Coach & Equipment as a major configurator of buses. They continue to hold this special designation which they have held for many years. DSD Web Works remains privileged to work with the leadership of the excellently run corporation.

The Uniform House Administrative Upgrade

April 14, 2022

DSD Web Works and The Uniform House team met today to discuss a number of major updates to their custom ordering system which was originally designed and developed by DSD Web Works. A list of wishes and enhancements were presented and discussed which concluded with a detailed strategy on executing desired altercations to their well used application. 

KLA Releases New Keuka is Life Membership Campaign

May 16, 2022

DSD Web Works released a site wide branding campaign for the Keuka Lake Association.  The new campaign, developed in partnership with Mode Integrated Communication focuses on a membership drive with the tag line "Keuka is life". We enjoyed working with both KLA and the Mode team and hope the summer campaign is successful.

New Town of Wayne NY Site Released

May 23, 2022

The long awaited new Town of Wayne (New York) website was released today. The new completely designed site is fully managed by the Town personnel as described in the original contract. The Town is taking advantage of DSD Web Works all inclusive solution for towns which provides a platform for easy, worry free government web presentation.  The all inclusive solution literally includes everything including hosting, TLS certificate, maintenance, support and training. The site is responsive, fully validated, meets WCA guidelines and is fully secure.

We welcome the Town to our municipality family of villages and towns and look forward to offering full support for years to come to the Town of Wayne.

Aldon Corp In Final Review

June 13, 2022

Aldon Corporation is in final review of their soon to be released new website and various web applications. For the past several months DSD Web Works have been designing and developing a completely new site and rewriting and enhancing various web applications. This includes a Content Inventory Management System that is used by many school districts across the country allowing for easy management and reporting of chemical inventories. 

The scheduled date of release is June 25 as DSD Web Works will make final database updates and conversations to the new system allowing for a seamless transfer. It has been a pleasure working with Aldon and we look forward to providing stellar support going forward.

Aldon Chem New Website Released

June 27, 2022

Over the weekend, DSD Web Works and Aldon Chem released the new website. The site is fully responsive with a modern clean design. It is built using a custom content managed system that allows authorized personnel to easily add or modify content  throughout the site. In addition, we built a completely brand new enhanced Chemical Inventory Management System (CIMS). CIMS allows customers to log in to their own account and set up an easily managed database that helps track inventory at different locations, such as buildings, classrooms, or even cabinet. Users can easily add, modify, or delete chemical inventory items and view or export inventory information through a flexible reporting system. This data is easily accessible from any computer using a web browser, helping schools across the country reach your safety goals.

?The new presentation was completely restructured in a much more organized and concise manner. The navigation system created allows for easy migration through the site and lets individuals easily find relative content. The structure broke up Aldon servers into five product groups including: Private Label Lab Chemicals, Laboratory chemicals with customers own brand and specifications; Chemical Contract Manufacturing, Chemical blending and repackaging with liquid & powder filling capabilities; Innovating Science Education Kits & More, Cutting edge science for the classroom; Custom Kitting, Kitting customized with your instructions, branded your way; and, co-lab-orate, an online platform that enable students to work together, whether they are 6' apart or 6 streets apart.

?DSD Web Works working with Aldon on creating a special online presence and we look forward to our continued collaboration.

Over 280,000 WordPress Sites Compromised

September 14, 2022

WordPress security plugin makers WordFence uncovered a flaw in WPGateway, a premium and popular plugin helping admins manage other WordPress plugins and themes from a single dashboard. According to the researchers the flaw carries a severity score of 9.8. It allows hackers to create an admin user on the platform, meaning they would have the ability to take over the entire website. Read the full article on techradar:

WordPress Sites Compromised Again

September 17, 2022

WordPress security plugin makers WordFence uncovered a flaw in WPGateway, a popular plugin helping admins manage other WordPress plugins and themes from a single dashboard. The flaw carries a severity score of 9.8. It allows hackers the ability to create an admin user on the platform, meaning they would have the ability to take over the entire website. Read the full article here:

DSD Web Works does not use WordPress and we never have. It is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. There have been many security issues uncovered in the software since it's inception. We at DSD Web Works create custom content managed systems that are designed specifically for our clients... more like a custom tailored suit that results in a more perfect fit/solution.

Bain Led Consortium to Buy Hitachi Metals Ltd.

September 26, 2022

A consortium led by global private equity firm Bain Capital will buy all the shares of Hitachi Metals Ltd for 817 billion yen ($7.5 billion), Hitachi Ltd’s metals subsidiary. For Hitachi, which currently owns 53% of Hitachi Metals, the deal is the latest divestiture in a decade-long business overhaul to pivot the business from electronics hardware to digital services.

The Bain-led consortium, which includes two Japanese funds, will offer 2,181 yen per share to buy the 47% of Hitachi Metals not owned by Hitachi at a premium of 15.8% to Tuesday’s closing price. It will spend a further 382 billion yen acquiring Hitachi’s 53% stake. The company's new trade name will be Proterial, Ltd. with a scheduled day of change to be recorded on January 4, 2023. DSD Web Works is in current contractual talks with the new entity and the future branding, design, development and hosting of the new company.

Bain Capital Led Consortium Selects DSD Web Works

October 20, 2022

Today representatives of a Bain Capital led consortium selected DSD Web Works to design and develop Hitachi Metals America's new company Proterial America's website. DSD Web Works will create a fully custom content managed system that will be responsive and fully comply with branding guidelines that will result in a well organized, easily navigable, appealing, professional, informative, visual presentation that meets the specifics defined within supplied design guidelines.

In addition, our services to plan, manage, host and release the finished site will be expedited within a very short timeline resulting in an early 2023 release date. We look forward to working with the new team and exceeding expectations.

Cornell University Team Sites Donation Forms - Fighting Fraud

October 20, 2022

Cornell University ten regional team programs will all get enhanced monitoring, scripting and validation enhancements to combat the common abuse of fraud incidences involving stolen credit card testing of non-profit donation forms. 

?Using donation sites is particularly advantageous to fraudsters because the amount of money and type of merchant involved in these donations often mirrors actual donations. Even for financial institutions that monitor common card testing merchants for small dollar transactions to flag in order to identify stolen payment cards, it can be very difficult to distinguish fraudulent donations from legitimate transactions. A number of publicly undisclosed enhancements will be put in place to deter such incidents on all team sites.

KWIC Requests Wastewater Management System Enhancements

November 1, 2022

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) met with DSD Web Works to discuss a number of enhancements to their Wastewater Management System. DSD Web Works will work with the KWIC manager on such requests that will include: enhanced reporting; linking county real property data from corresponding counties to be used for quality control; add more database fields to more accurately represent number of occupants on lake rental property vs. wastewater treatment capacities; supply routines for database downloads; application to manage letters to homeowners including warnings, inspection notices, violations, etc.; and, standardize violation codes across all municipalities to allow for system generated violation management.

We look forward to the upcoming challenges and resulting enhancements allowing for inspectors to more easily manage the watershed surrounding Keuka Lake.

Coach and Equipment Dynamics 365 Migration

November 18, 2022

As Coach and Equipment migrates to Dynamics 365, DSD Web Works will create a complete development instance of all web assets playing a role in their ERP solution. This will include a complete functional application for parts ordering and bus configuration allowing for AX developers to create and submit mock orders, invoices, payments, etc.

?DSD Web Works will work closely with Coach and Equipment personnel and directly with AX developers to assure a seamless quick migration.

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