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Cornell University Request New 2021 Contract

January 7, 2021

Cornell University reached out today to DSD Web Works requesting to renew our contract on managing and maintaining web sites and web applications for Central New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, Cornell Vegetable Program, Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture, Finger Lakes Grape Program, Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, North Country Regional Ag Team, Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, South Central New York Dairy and Field Crops and Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program. We look forward to working with all team leaders, specialists and administrative staff.

National Soaring Museum E-Commerce

January 12, 2021

Today the National Soaring Museum (NSM) released it's brand new online Museum Store. The complete custom built e-commerce platform was built by DSD Web Works and includes an easy to use administrative interface allowing for museum staff to manage the stores content, marketing, price and sales. The front-end public interface helps site guests to eaisly navigate through the stores various departments and purchase soaring related products including books, games, apparel and more. Seamless integration for credit card processing through certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry). Full reports are available from customers and sales to sales tax by state and county.

We are thankful for working with the NSM in creating this new enchantment for both the museum and it's patrons.

DSD Web Works Corporate Board Meeting Announced

January 26, 2021

Today DSD Web Works, Inc. announced that the next scheduled Corporate Board meeting will be held in Portland, Oregon on April 26. 

Weight Analysis Application Nears Complition

January 28, 2021

Today DSD Web Works neared completion of the construction of a weight analysis application that includes a custom built dynamic interface allowing for the analysis of the weight distribution on a given bus chassis. All items in the manufacturing of a bus coach has weight and thus contributes to the overall weight of a finished bus. In order to meet federal and state requirements, weight must within maximum allowable guidelines and be properly distributed over front and rear axles as well as individual weights on each set of tires. Our solution allows for interactive placement of items by direct entry (x/y coordinates) or a simple click and drag (e.g. seat positioning). Added features include automatic placement (e.g. Curb Side), altering orientation (forward facing or aisle facing), variation in spacing between seats and allowing calculations considering passenger weight or not. All interactions automatically trigger the algorithm to determine the weight distribution in 'real time' thus indicating a proper build (i.e. distribution).

We have created a single simple interface for a complex, data intense problem. Hundreds of options, some with multiple configurations, associated with numerous data variables can be analyzed in 0.001 seconds. An important requirement for the application was speed which was of concern because of the degree of complexity. 

The program is now in the hands of the client for real-world testing.

Hitachi Metals Server Migration Plan

March 18, 2021

Today DSD Web Works teamed up with Hitachi America, Ltd. (HAL) IT group to discuss and begin plans on migrating all Hitachi web assets to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new cloud platform will enhance the digital presentation of the Hitachi family of sites. We look forward to working with HAL to make the transition for Hitachi Metals America,  Ltd. to the platform seamless as possible.

DSD Web Works, Inc. Communicates with Keuka Lake Assoc. on New Site Design

April 8, 2021

Today DSD Web Works, Inc. addressed the Keuka Lake Association (KLA) board and proposed the need to a new site design and upgrade. The current site was released in 2013 and under our recommendation is deserving of a complete new redesign utilizing the latest versions of PHP, JavaScript (and associated libraries) and MySQL. The recommendation included incorporating a responsive design (responds naturally to any size screen), enhanced navigation that includes a mega menu, updates to lake level and lake temperature graphical presentations and an overall update to relevant content. It is important that all content on the site is updated and presents the most informative current information. In addition, a suggestion for an increase in administrators to help manage all the various components of the site content was given. This would require an enhanced administrative interface allowing for various rights to be assigned to a given individual or groups of individuals.

Coach & Equipment Weight Analysis - Beta Released

April 14, 2021

Today DSD Web Works and Coach & Equipment released the beta version of the Weight Analysis application to their national sales team. The application will allow salesman to perform weight analysis for any custom configuration that they create within the current Bus Configurator. The Bus Configurator is a web application custom built by DSD Web Works and it now seamlessly incorporates an interface to analysis and manipulate bus configuration weight distribution in real time. The interactive application makes the configuration design performed by the salesman a much more efficient, streamlined and simple process. We look forward to their feedback.

Nistock Farms New Product Interface

April 15, 2021

Today DSD Web Works released a new product interface for the Nistock Farms new line of Costwold Wool Knitting Patterns. The new interface includes an admirative backend interface allowing for easy creation and management of the various configuration for the patterns.  In addition and new front-end (public side) interface was created to present the new product line in a clean, efficient and user-friendly manner for visitors to their site. We are vary happy with their response: "Wow!  This looks great and so easy to use.".

Cornell University Veg & Fruit Teams Upgrade

April 16, 2021

Today DSD Web Works completed the upgrade of all Cornell Vegetable & Fruit Teams sites that includes the Cornell Vegetable Program, Cornell's Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture Team and Cornell's Lake Ontario Fruit Program. The site wide upgrade included the latest CSS and HTML standards (Using Nu HTML Validation Checker). This includes proper doctype, html language declaration, character set declaration, all meta elements and proper script declarations, In addition various libraries used were updated to the latest versions for complete compatibility.  The update also included a complete redesign of the pages and styles to encompass a completely responsive design.  Responsive design refers to the ability of a web page to respond naturally and seamlessly to the size of the viewing screen. This makes all three teams sites appear naturally with a mobile device, tablet or any sized monitor. Both in page design alterations and a complete rework of the site's style sheets (CSS) were addressed to this endeavor.

This was the first major update to the team's sites since their initial design that was originally released in 2011. DSD Web Works always looks forward to working with the various Cornell University teams. 

Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program Migrates

May 1, 2021

Today the Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program migrated to a new events application that now allows Cornell University specialists to create events with unlimited dates, date serious or any combination of dates. The application was released for more flexibility with pricing options (i.e. different pricing tiers), unlimited number of add on options that can be with or without costs or quantity associated with each option selection. The administrative interface give the specialist tremendous freedom and flexibility to create an array of different choices for participants registration.

DSD Web Works welcomes the latest Cornell University team to our new Events Application.

Cornell University Dairy Team Web Sites Receive Major Update

May 6, 2021

Today DSD Web Works released a major update to all of Cornell University's Dairy Team web sites. The teams include Central New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, North Country Regional Ag Team, Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops, South Central New York Dairy and Field Crops, Southwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Program. The sites were updated to current web standards which involved updating all pages and scripts (Nu HTML Validation Checker). In addition, the design was enhanced to be fully responsive. This now means that the site's pages will now naturally and seamlessly respond to any sized screen. 

This was the first major coding update to Cornell University Dairy Team's sites since their initial design. DSD Web Works continues to enjoy the collaboration we have with the University and all team leaders and members.

Keuka Lake Association Selects DSD Web Works

June 2, 2021

Keuka Lake Association's (KLA) board voted today to select DSD Web Works as the development company to redesign and develop and new web site for the association going forward.

Keuka Lake Association was founded in 1956 to provide a unified voice for those who love Keuka Lake and whose mission is to preserve and protect Keuka Lake and its natural beauty for future generations. DSD Web Works will develop a modern, responsive design built on a custom content managed system allowing for easy site content management and maintenance. DSD Web Works looks forward to working with KLA on this new endeavor.

Hitachi Metals America Server Migration

June 29, 2021

Today DSD Web Works, Inc. complete the complete site migration from Hitachi's HAL services to our own co-located server. We will now be managing the hosting of all Hitachi Metals America (HMA) web assets on our server which will give them full time access to our maintenance and support team. We look forward to our expanded role with HMA who has been a reliable client/partner for many years. 

Keuka Lake Association Approves New Design

July 21, 2021

Today DSD Web Works presented complete site mockups for the proposed complete redesign of Keuka Lake Association (KLA) web site. The mockups represented graphical interpretations of the proposed design for the home page, internal pages and navigational system. The committee for the review gave very positive feedback and complete approval for the concepts presented. We look forward to working with KLA members to assure a smooth transition to the new design that will also involve a complete new custom content managed system that will allow authorized individuals to easily manage site content. 

Aldon Corporation Web Site Audit

August 23, 2021

Today DSD Web Works presented a complete web site audit to Aldon Corporation. The presentation included audits on code validation, sight speed analysis,  SEO efforts analyzed, accessibility and overall site performance. Site layout, navigation and marketing efforts were also evaluated. Design thoughts and an introduction to DSD Web Works approach were shared and offered a better solution to maximize their number one marketing tool. We look forward to a possible collaborations with Aldon and the opportunity to show our expertise and solutions.

Keuka Lake Association Gains Access to Working Development Site

August 31, 2021

Today a group of Keuka Lake Association (KLA) administrators were introduced to the new design and administrative back-end of the new KLA site. Now administrators will work with the development site and begin updating all content and add new content to help with it's efforts on protecting and preserving Keuka Lake. Once complete, we will release the new site.

PHP Most Dominate Server-Side Programming Language

September 13, 2021

Today, W3Techs released a report on survey results that looked at use by sites in Alexa's top 10 million list. To view full report see Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of server-side programming languages for websites. The results clearly showed PHP domains with a 78.9% share. PHP continues to increase its share as other languages such as  has increased ASP.NET continue to decline. DSD Web Works has been using PHP since our inception and focus on custom built applications to build solutions that work for our clients  Selecting a the proper platform is most important when considering the investment in your web site and web application needs. This just reiterates that DSD Web Works offers the best choice.

Town of Wayne Presentation

October 12, 2021

Tonight at 6:30 DSD Web Works presented the Town Board with a proposal for the complete redesign of the Town's web site. The proposal includes the complete web site design and development of a content management system for the Town of Wayne that will allow for authorized individuals to seamlessly alter, add, modify and upload content.

We proposed a worry free Internet presence (Software as a Service model). All software updates, application maintenance and routine application enhancements will be performed by DSD Web Works at no additional cost. Post release, DSD Web Works will continue to program site enhancements with the sole purpose of adding value and ease to the website application.

Town of Wayne Selects DSD Web Works

November 17, 2021

Today the Town of Wayne informed that it has selected DSD Web Works to create and manage their new web site. The contract consists of a Software as a Service model that will allow for Town to enjoy a complete, worry-free solution for their Internet presence.

We look forward to working with Town personnel to design the new site which will include a complete custom Content Managed System (CMS) allowing for appropriate Town employees to easily manage site content including uploading, editing or removing content.

New Keuka Lake Association Site Released

November 18, 2021

The newly designed Keuka Lake Association (KLA) web site has been officially released. The new design simplified navigation and reorganized the site in a way that allows each committee to be responsible for the administration of that particular committees content on the site. The entire site was built with a responsive design which allows the design to respond naturally to any sized screen. In addition all content from the old site was reviewed and either updated or removed if desired. 

Enhancements to the newly designed content managed system allows for easier and more direct updating of membership administration. The new system also allows for admin rights to be assigned to only certain sections of the site thus allowing for more administrators to help manage the large amount of educational content that the site supplies. The popular lake level and temperature charts were upgraded to the latest programming standards and enhanced with more information and options.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Keuka Lake Association and their endeavor of helping protect Keuka Lake and the surrounding area.

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