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Glenn H. Curtiss Museum Guest Questionnaire App Released

January 1, 2017

Today Glenn H. Curtiss Museum released their Guest Quesintinnair App which allows for guest to enter pertinent information regarding their visit (e.g. How did you hear about the Museum?). Data is collected in real-time and will allow the Museum to honestly evaluate future decisions based on real data regarding to visits and visitors. Analytics of this kind will be most valuable in assessing the success of various marketing campaigns.

The excitement for ease of which collecting such useful information has already led to initial discussion regarding an exit survey. Adding another live application/iPad/kiosk for guest to interact with upon their departure. We look forward to working with the Museum staff again with this new endeavor.

Coach & Equipment ERP Go Live

January 3, 2017

Today DSD Web Works and ERP developers for Coach & Equipment released phase one of a multi-phase plan to upgrade software operating across the entire organization. This first phase involved a direct integration of the very successful bus parts website with Microsoft AX. DSD Web Works worked with multiple parties in order for a smooth successful transition into the new ERP system.

Coach & Equipment Wt. Analysis Application

January 24, 2017

Members of the Coach & Equipment IT team met with DSD Web Works today to discuss the integration of the custom bus sales application with a stand alone weight analysis program. A key step in selecting a bus is to make sure weight distribution is accurately determined for a given chassis. The program will set on salesman's system and allow them to confirm proper distribution of weighted options within the bus configuration. Once weight analysis is confirmed, salesman will be able to submit the bus proposal for consideration and final pricing.

Hitachi Metals America Events

January 27, 2017

Hitachi Metals America (HMA) released Events today on their website using the newly developed Event Application that allows for easy management of various events the corporation's divisions attend each year. To date, HMA has released announcements for seven different events that they will be participating in. To see their scheduled events to to:

Cornell University Renews Contract

March 1, 2017

Ten programs within Cornell University have renewed contracts with DSD Web Works. All ten programs have been working with DSD Web Works to help develop and maintain custom content managed systems to help convey research-based information to industry and the public. The first contract was initiated in 2011 and has grown each year with both parties benefitting from our long relationship. We look forward to serving the Cornell community once again.

National Soaring Museum

March 1, 2017

Today the National Soaring Museum reached out to DSD Web Works to consult on improvements to their existing content managed system. DSD Web Works will review the database architecture and offer a strategic plan on improving the user interface for museum personnel and suggestions for increased functionality to the overall system. We look forward to the new partnership.

WCLA Discusses DSD Web Works Involvment

March 27, 2017

Today WCLA reached out to DSD Web Works to discuss a complete system rewrite for the organization's membership offerings. The association value lies in the information contained in multiple databases and the presentation of that information is somewhat disjointed. The conversation initiated involved the creation of a more sound single normalized database and application that would be more easily managed and seamlessly presented to all members.

DSD Web Works looks forward to the potential partnership.

FLLA Negotiating with DSD Web Works

April 20, 2017

Finger Lakes Landlord Association's director met with DSD Web Works today to discuss requirements for the creation of a custom application that would include the build of a custom content managed system that would specifically address the association's needs. The possibility of a unique partnership between the two organizations was discussed outlining the advantages of such an arrangement for both parties. Further discussion will be made upon formal presentation of DSD Web Works to the association's Board.

Microsoft Dynamics AX / Sales System Integration

May 3, 2017

DSD Web Works, Microsoft AX developers, and Coach & Equipment staff met today to discuss the logistics of integrating the Sales System with AX. The Sales System is a custom application that was developed by DSD Web Works that will be integrated with the new AX ERP system for Coach and Equipment.

Town of Wayne Biannual Review

May 18, 2017

Today DSD Web Works met with the Town of Wayne to review and discuss future web-related projects for the town. The content managed system developed by DSD Web Works allows the town to manage content throughout their site. The freedom and flexibility promote further functionality allowing the town to better communicate relevant information to the town residents.

Cornell University Contracts

June 12, 2017

Today DSD Web Works was awarded contracts for site maintenance and site enhancements for a number of Cornell's web assets. This includes
  • Cornell Vegetable Program
  • Lake Ontario Fruit Program
  • Eastern New York Commercial Horticulture
  • Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Team, South Central New York Dairy & Field Crops
  • Central New York Dairy & Field Crops
  • Northern New York Regional Ag Program
  • Lake Erie Regional Grape Program
  • Finger Lakes Grape Program
We look forward to working with all the teams.

Annual Board Meeting

June 15, 2017

DSD Web Works annual board meeting was held on June 15 and June 16. Board members were briefed on 2016 activity, and the current financial status of DSD Web Works. The second day was focused on the review of the current Business Plan and detailed discussion on our 1, 3 and 5-year plans going forward.

New Contract For Coach Parts Sales Document Library

June 27, 2017

Today Coach Bus Parts Sales requested DSD Web Works to develop a document library for the very active Coach Parts Sales site. The library will contain various file formats and information that will be relevant to existing and potential customers to more easily select parts that they are interested in ordering. Schematics, wiring diagrams, and other information will be organized in an easily managed administrative interface and presentation will be organized in a very friendly manner.

National Soaring Museum - New CMS Interaction

July 1, 2017

The staff at the National Soaring Museum have been interacting with the newly developed content managed system developed by DSD Web Works. Minor alterations have been made to fine tune the application to better serve the Museums required needs. The new presentation resulting from the more easily managed content has received praise from various external reviewers. All look forward to the soon to be released application.

Hitachi Adds Three New Plants

July 7, 2017

Today Hitachi Metals America announced the addition of three new plants/companies that fall under the parent company.

AAP St. Marys Corp., a leader in the manufacture of cast aluminum automotive parts.

Ward Manufacturing, a leading maker and distributor of piping components used in thousands of installations worldwide.

Waupaca Foundry, produces best-in-class gray iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron and compacted graphite iron castings at seven, strategically located state-of-the-art foundries in North America.

DSD Web Works was pleased to be able to help with the integration.

Finger Lakes Landlord Association - Formal Contract Request

August 1, 2017

Tonight DSD Web Works presented the details of a web based solution to address all the needs that the Finger Lakes Landlord Association (FLLA) requires. The FLLA board all agreed that the integrated custom built application as described would be of great value... "it would be the focus of our value". The board voted to move forward and asked DSD Web Works for a formal contract.

National Soaring Museum - New Site Release

August 9, 2017

Today the National Soaring Museum launched their new web site. The site is built using a custom, open source solution that allows for museum staff to easily manipulate site content using an intuitive administrative interface. The new responsive mobile friendly site is another successful launch of one of our custom developed content managed system (CMS) solutions.

Coach & Equipment Adds Supporting Doucments

August 10, 2017

Today DSD Web Works completed the development of a custom document library solution for Coach & Equipment. The library allows for the easy management of multiple documents types (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, .gif, .xls, .bmp, etc.) to be easily organized into a multifaceted library. Documents can be organized in an array of categories and subcategories (multiple assignments) for easy administration and presentation. In addition, document access can be controlled by a unique and simple audience assignment script allowing full viewing control.

Curbeau Realty Selects DSD Web Works for Web Site Redesign

August 30, 2017

Today Curbaue Realty awarded a contract to DSD Web Works to redesign the realtors web site. The new design will include updated code, more secure database connections and better and cleaner interactive functionality. In addition, the site will be responsive... responding to any size screen from large monitors to tablets and phones. We will also take advantage of large image formats to offer a more visually appealing and informative site to the many visitors that use the site within the Finger Lakes region.

Town of Wayne Begins Development of New History Database

September 1, 2017

Today DSD Web Works embarked on the creation of a new Database and Interface for the Town of Wayne New York History Group. The new interface will allow documenting the plethora of historical information the group has acquired over the years. The interface will allow those interested in searching historical records in such areas as persons, structures, events, organizations and collection items. We look forward to creating this very useful and powerful tool for the town.

New Curbeau Realty Site Released

September 15, 2017

The newly developed Curbeau Realty site was released today. The new responsive design offers full MLS listings via RETS Server and displays large crisp images with easy to use navigation. This powerful marketing tool will be used by the many visitors the site receives each month. The site is recognized as the best real estate site in the Finger Lakes area.

DSD Web Works Presentation to Town of Urbana

October 17, 2017

Tonight, DSD Web Works outlined a custom solution to design and maintain a completely new town website. The proposed approach involved the custom design of a content managed system that would be used by town personnel to easily add and manage site content. Two payment options were also presented. The first, Software as a Product (SaaP) would involve more capital expenditure upfront versus a Software as a Service (SaaS) which would have distinct advantages. Pros and cons of each approach were thoroughly discussed.

Conceptional Mock-ups Presented to the Finger Lakes Landlord Association

November 8, 2017

Late this afternoon, DSD Web Works presented visual working prototypes of application interfaces for the new Finger Lakes Landlord Association website and administrative application. The board discussed the new branding concepts and more simple value-focused approach. Feedback was used to fine-tune the visuals and final approval should commence next week.

Finger Lakes Landlord Association Approval

November 15, 2017

Today DSD Web Works was given the authorization to begin construction of the new application that will serve as a complete content managed system for both the website presentation and membership management. We look forward to continuing work with the association in creating a solution that fulfills all their needs.

Town of Urbana Approves Going Forward with DSD Web Works

November 21, 2017

Tonight the Town of Urbana Board approved going forward with the plan presented by DSD Web Works in addressing their website presentation needs. Formal contracts will be written and reviewed by both parties. Once signed, we will begin custom designing a content managed system for the town.

DSD Web Works Completes Sales System Updates

December 1, 2017

Today DSD Web Works completed all enhancements and updates required for Sales System integration with Coach and Equipments AX ERP system. Yesterday, team members from Coach and Equipment, WinfoSoft and DSD Web Works worked out integration details for smooth data migration from the custom-built Sales System into AX. Seamless integration is the goal and we are well on our way.

Village of Penn Yan Requests Data Migration

December 15, 2017

Today the Village of Penn Yan contacted DSD Web Works to aid in the migration of data from an old DOS based program into a MySQL database. Earlier in the year, we had designed a migration strategy for such a project and will implement that same strategy in the conversion of their CPR data (Continuing Property Records data). We look forward to aiding the Village in their continued efforts to migrate to a new Electric Property Records System.

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