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Villa Ferlito on Costa Rica's Flamingo Beach Site Release

January 1, 2010

Costa Rica's Best Villa Rental - Guanacaste - Flamingo Beach, Villa Ferlito's new web site has been released. The villa is in a spectacular part of Cost Rica and their new site is loaded with quality content including a wonderful collection of area images. The site is bilingual as its main client base is located in Costa Rica but would like to expand to international visitors.

Skooba Design Chooses DSD Web Works

January 1, 2010

Skooba Design, a manufacture of laptop bags and accessories, has selected DSD Web Works direct their Internet marketing efforts. DSD Web Works will be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of a sound, research directed, non-spamming, Internet Marketing strategy for Skooba Design's existing web site (

DSD Web Works have worked with Skooba Design on numerous projects which began in 2008. We look forward to our continued relationship.

Curbeau Realty Upgrades to RETS MLS Solution 2.0

January 2, 2010

Curbeau Realty upgraded to the quicker and just released RETS Server client RETS MLS Solution 2.0 developed by DSD Web Works. Their site now integrates seamlessly with RETS Server offering visitors complete MLS listing automatically and effortlessly.

RETS MLS Solution New Version Release

January 4, 2010

Today DSD Web Works announced the release of their new RETS MLS Solution. The new RETS client is quicker, handles images better and integrates smoothly with the new RETS Server standards. The beauty of the new client is that is works seamlessly with clients Realtor sites. DSD Web Works, continuing to build solutions that work.

DSD Web Work Selected for Village of Rushville

January 4, 2010

The Village of Rushville has selected DSD Web Works as developer for the village web site. DSD Web Works is currently assisting the Village of Rushville in writing a grant for which to fund the project.

Keuka Lake Association Affiliates with DSD Web Works

January 7, 2010

Today Keuka Lake Association (KLA) affiliated with DSD Web Works for all their web site maintenance needs. DSD Web Works is honored to continue a very good relationship with KLA that began in early 2008 with a contract to completely redesign their web site.

Hitachi Metals America - 2010 Contract

January 13, 2010

Hitachi Metals America (HMA) hires DSD Web Works to fully manage their extensive corporate web site. DSD Web Works has been working with HMA since Spring of 2006. We are honored to continue this wonderful longstanding relationship.

Team Moon Real Estate Upgrades to RETS MLS Solution 2.0

January 19, 2010

Today Team Moon Real Estate upgraded to RETS MLS Solution 2.0, DSD Web Works RETS Server newest client for serving MLS data seamlessly on their site. Quicker, awesome image presentation and worry free.

SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Hires DSD Web Works for Database Development

January 19, 2010

SCOTTEVEST (SeV) hired DSD Web Works for the development of a database to more easily manage content such as news and tweets within the current SeV site. A complete Administrative back-end was built for SeV personnel to easily modify dynamic content.

Coach & Equipment - Parts Web Site - Initial Database

January 20, 2010

Coach & Equipment has completed initial part data uploads to DSD Web Works created databases. With a parts list exceeding 30,000, this will be an initial start for continued development of a e-commerce application offering an array of bus parts online through their web site.

DSD Web Works Volunteers Time for YEA!

February 10, 2010

For the past several months, DSD Web Works has volunteered time to support the Penn Yan Academy YEA program. YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Academy). The nine month YEA program guides students through the process of starting a real business, including business plan development, pitching to an investor panel, obtaining funding, launching the venture, managing media campaigns and more.

We enjoyed the experience and look forward to working with the young entrepreneurs in the future!

Town of Barrington - Annual Updates

February 16, 2010

DSD Web Works released a number of routine web site updates for the Town of Barrington today. Changes included updates on all town officials, town personal changes and town committee meeting schedule changes.

Social Network Users - Who is your Audience?

February 16, 2010

Average age of a social network user is 37. As you would expect, variation occurs among the various networks. MySpace - 31, Facebook - 38, Twitter - 39 and LinkedIn - 44.

Source: Pingdom

LA Saether Announces New Spring 2010 LIne

February 27, 2010

LA Saether has released their new line Spring 2010 line of women's fashions. Site updates by DSD Web Works are up and one can view and purchase the spring line directly on their site.

Natural Solutions Etc. Chooses DSD Web Works

February 27, 2010

Natural Solutions Etc. selected DSD Web Works to help manage their web presence again for 2010. Natural Solutions Etc. is a pond supply company located in California. We are excited about continuing our relationship with Natural Solutions Etc. that began back in 2001, we must be doing something right.

Hanson Dental Interviews DSD Web Works

March 2, 2010

Today Hanson Dental and DSD Web Works met to discuss the possibility of a new web site design. We worked well together and we believe it will be a good fit. Hanson Dental is not your typical Dentist practice, they are more of a refined contemporary dentist office. We look forward to an opportunity to work with them.

Hitachi Metals America - VPN Consulting

March 3, 2010

DSD Web Works consulted with multiple parties to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Hitachi Metals America (HMA) and support staff. This allows for secure and safe web site file manipulation.

Eaves Dental Renews Contract

March 15, 2010

Today Eaves Dental extended its contract with DSD Web Works to continue to manage and maintain the Eaves Dental web site. We are pleased to continue this contract which began with DSD Web Works original design and layout for the site.

DSD Web Works Consults for Finger Lakes Visitors Association

March 17, 2010

Finger Lakes Visitors Association (FLVA) selected DSD Web Works as a consultant to help with their Internet strategy. Consultation will include advice and direction on overall presentation, marketing, branding and technical approach to content management. We look forward to the relationship.

Finger Lakes Bride Guide Adds Home Page 'Features'

March 20, 2010

DSD Web Works released Finger Lakes Bride Guide home page alterations today that includes the addition of Featured Brides, Featured Vendors and Wedding News. All additions are manipulated using easy administrative tools to dynamically control the front-end features.

SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Consulting

March 20, 2010

We are proud to announce the continued relationship with SCOTTEVEST (SeV) as a Internet consultant on design, development and SEO. We have developed respect for this innovative company and are proud to be associated with them as they continue their growth as a leader in the travel clothing industry.

KWIC Inspectors Granted Full Access

March 30, 2010

Today DSD Web Works granted inspectors for all eight municipalities full access to the the KWIC Wasterwater Management System. The release was preceded with a two hour training meeting where all inspectors got hands on training using the new system.

KWIC Wastewater Management System Presentation

April 26, 2010

DSD Web Works will present an initial look at the web based Wastewater Management System at the KWIC Board meeting to be held in the Penn Yan Village Office at 7:00pm.

The meeting is open to the public and a functioning demonstration of the application will be presented.

Data Entry and Data Validation Specialist Job Announced

May 10, 2010

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative, in collaboration with DSD Web Works, announced the position of a full time Data Entry and Data Validation Specialist.

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) was formed by inter-municipal agreement in 1993 after more than a decade of discussion and debate by the eight Keuka Lake towns and villages to ensure uniform regulations and enforcement of wastewater systems to protect the purity of the lake. The KWIC agreement is widely considered (statewide and nationally) to be a model of cooperation and pro-active wastewater management.


Please send a resume and your letter of interest to:

Attn. Data Entry Specialist
Suite 110
1 Keuka Business Park
Penn Yan, NY 14527

note added: job filled

Skooba Design Selects DSD Web Works as Technical Lead

May 21, 2010

Skooba design has selected DSD Web Works as the lead technical consultant on the new redesign of their web site. Skooba Design, a manufacture of quality laptop bags and accessories is located in Rochester, NY. DSD Web Works will coordinate various developers and designers in the creation of a new, feature rich, user and administrative friendly site.

Coach & Equipment - Parts Web Site - Admin Back-end

May 28, 2010

Administrative back-end has been completed for the Coach & Equipment e-commerce parts site. A presentation was given to Coach & Equipment detailing the easy of administration of a quite sophisticated custom application. A bit of a contradiction (easy vs. sophisticated) but DSD Web Works strives for creating solutions the work.

Hitachi Metals America - Routine Updates

June 15, 2010

A number of routine updates were released today for Hitachi Metals America (HMA) web site. These included annual 'About Us' updates and numerous product updates.

Municipal Utilities Board for the Village of Penn Yan Requests Proposal

June 23, 2010

Today the Director of Public Works for the Village of Penn Yan requested a proposal from DSD Web Works for the development of a custom managed application to monitor Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) inspections.

Based on positive feedback from our Web Based Wastewater Treatment System, the Village was hoping to develop something similar to help manage the prevention of inflow and infiltration into the villages sanitary sewer.

Curbeau Realty Continues Relationship 2010

June 29, 2010

Curbeau Realty announced today its continued relationship with DSD Web Works. DSD Web Works manages the very active Curbeau Realty website which offers full MLS listing utilizing DSD Web Works custom designed RETS Server application. We are proud to continue our relationship with Curbeau Reality that is now going into its 5th year!

Team Moon Real Estate Contract 2010

June 29, 2010

Teem Moon Real Estate has extended its web site maintenance contract with DSD Web Works for an additional year. As a client since early 2007, we look forward to our continued relationship.

SCOTTEVEST (SeV) Dynamic Size Chart

June 29, 2010

SCOTTEVEST (SeV) and DSD Web Works has just developed and released a very intuitive and interactive dynamic size chart tool for their popular web site. A clever interface and asynchronous functionality allows for visitors to directly interactive with the size chart to determine just the right fit.

Coach & Equipment - Parts Web Site - Front-end Presentation

July 9, 2010

DSD Web Works presented the front-end interface for Coach & Equipment's parts e-commerce solution. The elegant solution includes the utilization of AJAX as a cleaner presentation offering a more user-friendly experience.

Coach & Equipment - Parts Web Site - Self Contained Invoicing

July 9, 2010

Coach & Equipment decided today to build a more complex back-end for the parts e-commerce site. Initially the build was to allow for current in-house invoicing but DSD Web Works will now build a system that will allow for multiple shipment capability, multiple packing slips and multiple invoicing. A departure from the original plan, we are now developing an entirely independent self-contained system.

Willow Pond Aqua Farm Renews Contract

July 12, 2010

Willow Pond Aqua Farm has renewed their annual contract with DSD Web Works for continued site maintenance. DSD Web Works is pleased to continue their contractual relationship with Willow Pond Aqua Farms, which began in 2008.

KWIC Renews Contract

July 27, 2010

The Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative has renewed it's contract with DSD Web Works for another year of updating and increasing efficiency of the KWIC database originally created by DSD Web Works.

Eaves Dental - New Site Release

July 28, 2010

Today DSD Web Works and Eaves Dental released their brand new site. Many features were changed but the overall theme remains the same... it's all about smiling. A complete new database managed system was custom developed for ease of office staff to regularly updated content. In addition, the front-end presentation was updated with more visuals, much more quality content and easier navigation.

Town of Torrey RFP

July 30, 2010

The Town Of Torrey has contacted DSD Web Works and requested a proposal for the development of a new site. The Town of Torrey is seeking a web site which displays the town's information and resources with ease and visual appeal, and DSD Web Works has provided an offer.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum to Undergo Back-end Upgrade

August 2, 2010

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum has contracted DSD Web Works to undertake a complete rewrite of the museum's web site back-end. DSD Web Works will utilize open source languages and a custom built database content management system allowing for museum staff to more easily manage their vast museum collection.

Hanson Dental, Pittsord, NY Selects DSD Web Works

August 23, 2010

Hanson Dental Practice, PLLC has announced the selection of DSD Web Works as the firm to redesign the companies web site. Hanson Dental is a contemporary dental office that offers preventive, cosmetic and restorative services with a more refined approach.

We are honored to be selected and look forward to creating a solution that reflects the company accurately in its web presence.

Famous Brands Outlet - Year Three

August 25, 2010

DSD Web Works is proud to continue its third year of service, maintenance, and expansion of the Famous Brands Outlet Website. The web site, created in 2007, incorporates a retail e-commerce solution continuously updated and modified to meet the ever changing needs of the market.

Coach & Equipment - Parts Web Site - Fabricated Parts

August 26, 2010

As a result of today's meeting with Coach & Equipment, DSD Web Works is now building the capability of Coach & Equipment to sell custom fabricated parts within their site. The level of complexity in the design must accommodate the ability to dynamically add custom fabricated parts 'on the fly' within the web application presently designed by DSD Web Works. We look forward to the challenge.

LA Saether Announces New Fall Line

August 29, 2010

LA Saether with the help of DSD Web Works has officially released their new Fall 2010 line of women's fashions. Site updates are up and one can now view and purchase the fall line from their web site:

DSD Web Works Finalist in Town of Torrey Selection

August 31, 2010

As a finalist for the Town of Torrey web site creation, DSD Web Works' proposal will be considered at the Town of Torrey board meeting, where a developer will be selected.

Famous Brands - Home Page Face Lift

September 2, 2010

DSD Web Works released the first phase of a muli-phased project for the new Famous Brands home page. The new home page is more visually driven and offers 'special' products dynamically which are controlled through the extensive administrative back-end. Phase two will deploy a dynamic seasonality to the home page.

DSD Web Works Interviews with Keuka College

September 9, 2010

Today, DSD Web Works attended an interview requested by Keuka College for the design of their IT site. The plans for this site include the creation of user-interface friendly site and functional back end.

DSD Web Works Selected for Town of Torrey Site Creation

September 20, 2010

Today the Town of Torrey has selected DSD Web Works to develop the Town of Torrey web site. The creation of this site will involve a visually appealing compilation of the town's history, present news, and related resources.

DSD Web Works Creates Help Desk App

September 22, 2010

DSD Web Works has added to the Keuka College IT Services web site by creating a help desk application. This app will provide resources and assistance to students, faculty, and visitors of Keuka College.

Village of Rushville Receives NYS Grant

September 24, 2010

Today the Village of Rushville was the recipient of a New York State Grant, which they requested to fund the creation of their village site. DSD Web Works, who aided in the writing of the grant, may now begin work on the Village of Rushville site.

DSD Web Works Presents Mock-Ups to the Town of Torrey

November 22, 2010

Today DSD Web Works presented site mock-up pages to the Town of Torrey who enthusiastically accepted the design.

Database Structure Reviewed for Keuka College IT Services

December 3, 2010

The database structure created by DSD Web Worls has been reviewed and approved by Keuka College IT Services. They are pleased with the result, and production of the database and associated scripts will continue.

Hitachi Metals America Automotive Division Upgrade

December 6, 2010

DSD Web Works has completed a site upgrade to the Hitachi Metals America's Automotive Division content. The upgrade features Automotive Division additions to the markets and applications component of the site.

Conceptual Presentation to Keuka College

December 8, 2010

DSD Web Works proposed a digital signage administrative strategy during a conceptual presentation meeting held with Keuka College's IT Sevrices, Communications Department, Educative Technology, and ASAP. During this presentation the web application concept was introduced and approved.

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