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“A key ingredient to the success of our company is the close collaborations we establish with our clients”


Years in Business

We are enthusiastic, innovative and experienced.

DSD Web Works is a complete website design, web development and Internet marketing company. We strive to provide exclusive, world class website design, development and marketing services to our clients. Our web services range from elegant, intuitive and cutting edge website user interface (UI) designs, to complex and functional web applications including complete custom solutions to meet our client's specific needs.

Portland, Oregon

Fairport, New York

West Coast expansion in 2022

Our strength lies in our creativity and analytical skill. Whether your requirements entail a simple corporate presence, a unique user interface design, a complete website overhaul, an advanced e-commerce solution or a completely custom database enabled web application, we can custom deliver an experience that is completely satisfying and delivered within the stipulated time frame and cost. We believe that every client requirement is unique and we strive to exceed both your expectations and satisfaction.

Innovation for the sake of innovation is never a viable solution.
Innovation in design must contribute in a positive fashion to the quality of the presentation and user experience.

We have a 'Team Build' approach to our custom development work that begins with establishing an interactive relationship with our clients early and throughout the process of application development. It is this approach that allows us to align our custom web applications more closely to our client's actual requirements and needs.

What we do

We are a complete website design, web development and Internet marketing company. From: Internet branding; to website design; to the development of custom web applications. Applications include RETS Server for seamless MLS listings integration into real estate websites (see our real estate website solution ); Watershed Wastewater Management (see our watershed management program software solutions); custom e-commerce solutions; and custom digital signage creation and management solutions. DSD Web Works creates solutions that work.

How we do it (we have been Agile for a long time)

Our approach to development and project management evolved in early 2001 and was in contradiction to the standard practices of the day. It was critical to us to involve the user of the application throughout the developmental process. Which meant we delivered working functional software quickly and routinely for review and testing. Instead of the steadfast tradition of following a very detailed and defined project plan without waiver, we deliver iteration after iteration of complete functional pieces welcoming and encouraging critique and change (i.e. adaptation and improvement).

As result, customer sanctification is increased by early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Everyone involved: designers; developers; users; customers; and clients... all stakeholders contribute to the understanding of what is needed and required for a given application during the project development. Creating a unique, fully customized design for each project. We create solutions that work.

This type of approach is now documented, standardized and promoted as Agile Software Development.

Our key project development and management principles:
  • Simplify – our company mantra.
  • Customer/User involvement (true collaboration) is essential throughout process.
  • Good sound database structure is the foundation.
  • Change during development is not a negative, rather a positive sign that something special is being built.
  • Iterations of hands-on working pieces and user interaction (deliver, review, adapt [alter/modify]... repeat).
  • Cooperation of motivated, competent stakeholders leads to best results.
  • Working software (pieces of the application) is best gauge of progress.
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and best practices (clean, secure code).

Where we are located

DSD Web Works has two locations, one in New York and the other in Oregon. More specifically, we are located in Fairport, NY (a suburb of Rochester, NY) and Portland, OR. We originally started in the Finger Lakes on Keuka Lake (Penn Yan, NY) and Canandaigua Lake (Canandaigua, NY). Canandaigua Lake is one of the central Finger Lake of the eleven lakes that make up the Finger Lakes Region. Rochester, NY is located just north of the Finger Lakes region and the area is home to the University of Rochester, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Paychex Inc., Xerox Corporation, Frontier Communications Corp. and Constellation Brands.

Our new West Coast office is in Portland Oregon and helps us better serve all our regional clients. Portland is a young, vibrant green and very friendly city. It consists of many different turn of the century neighborhoods which each have their own personalities. Portland is home to Nike, Inc., Precision Castparts Corporation, FLIR Systems, and Columbia Sportswear. It also home to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital (OHSU), a national leading medical facility.
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