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Coach & Equipment Taps DSD Web Works to Revamp E-Commerce Platform

January 16, 2024

January 16, 2024 - Penn Yan, NY - Coach & Equipment, a leading supplier of bus parts and equipment, is partnering with DSD Web Works to completely redevelop its online store, Coach Bus Parts ( This extensive overhaul will modernize the platform, enhance user experience, and streamline operations, solidifying Coach Bus Parts' position as the premier e-commerce destination for bus parts buyers.

The redevelopment project will encompass a comprehensive review and update of all website scripts, ensuring compatibility with the latest stable versions of PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.0. This upgrade will not only boost security and performance but also pave the way for future integrations and feature enhancements.

"We're excited to leverage our expertise to revitalize Coach Bus Parts," said D. Scott Demmin at DSD Web Works. "By restructuring the codebase and implementing modern best practices, we'll create a more efficient, modular platform that scales seamlessly with Coach & Equipment's growth."

The revamped Coach Bus Parts website will boast several key improvements:

  • Intuitive User Interface: A user-friendly design will simplify navigation and product searches, making it easier than ever for customers to find the parts they need.
  • Advanced Admin Panel: A robust new admin interface will offer enhanced security features, comprehensive reporting tools, and an intuitive interface for managing the extensive parts inventory.
  • Scalability and Performance: The modernized platform will be built for scalability, ensuring seamless performance even as Coach & Equipment's business continues to expand.

The Coach Bus Parts website rebuild is expected to be completed by April 2024. Once launched, the new platform will provide Coach & Equipment with a powerful and reliable e-commerce solution that caters to the evolving needs of its customers and supports its continued growth in the bus parts industry.

Cornell Re-Engages DSD Web Works for Program Website Management

January 1, 2024

January 1, 2024 - Ithaca, NY - Cornell University has selected DSD Web Works LLC to provide comprehensive website maintenance and enhancement services for its nine regional program sites and the HarvestNY website throughout 2024. This collaboration will ensure the continued smooth operation and enhanced functionality of these essential platforms, supporting Cornell's wide-reaching agricultural programs.

The contract encompasses two key components:

  • Site Maintenance: This essential service guarantees ongoing upkeep of the existing websites, including minor tweaks to static content and support for existing web applications without introducing new features. This ensures consistent performance and availability for users.
  • Site Enhancement: Recognizing the need for continuous improvement, the contract offers a flexible "time tier" system for website enhancements. This allows Cornell to allocate a fixed number of tasks per month within different time categories, ranging from simpler adjustments to more complex development projects. This structured approach facilitates budgeting and prioritization, maximizing the impact of allocated resources.

"DSD Web Works is honored to serve Cornell University and contribute to its mission of advancing agricultural knowledge and promoting sustainable practices," said D. Scott Demmin at DSD Web Works. "Our team is committed to providing comprehensive website maintenance and tailored enhancement solutions that empower Cornell's outreach programs to connect with their audiences effectively."

This partnership between Cornell University and DSD Web Works demonstrates a shared commitment to leveraging technology for the benefit of New York's agricultural community. Through continued website optimization and ongoing support, Cornell can effectively disseminate vital information, connect with stakeholders, and ultimately contribute to a more resilient and prosperous agricultural future for the state.

KWIC Board Selects DSD Web Works

December 22, 2023

December 22, 2023 - Portland, OR - The Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) Board of Directors has selected DSD Web Works, LLC to completely redevelop their web-based wastewater management system. This critical project will modernize the system, originally created by DSD Web Works, ensuring its continued effectiveness in managing complex wastewater systems in the KWIC region.

The redevelopment project will encompass a comprehensive review and update of all scripts to meet current industry standards and ensure compatibility with the latest stable versions of PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.0. This will include restructuring the codebase to follow modern best practices for efficient, modular application design.

"We are excited to build upon the foundation we established with the original KWIC wastewater management system," said D. Scott Demmin, President at DSD Web Works. "By leveraging current technologies and coding techniques, we can optimize the system's architecture and script logic, recreating a robust tool that effectively handles the unique challenges of managing wastewater systems in the KWIC region."

The updated system will provide KWIC with a powerful and reliable tool for managing:

  • Regional wastewater treatment data
  • Permit compliance tracking and reporting
  • System maintenance and repairs
  • Public communication and education

The project is expected to be completed in this six months, and will provide KWIC with a future-proof wastewater management system that is secure, efficient, and scalable.

About the Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC)

The Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and improving the water quality of the Keuka Watershed in upstate New York. KWIC works with municipalities, businesses, and residents to implement solutions that address pollution sources, promote responsible land use, and educate the public about the importance of clean water.

About DSD Web Works, LLC

DSD Web Works, LLC is a web development company specializing in custom web applications and database solutions. With a focus on environmental and sustainability projects, DSD Web Works has extensive experience developing and maintaining web-based systems for water quality monitoring, environmental data management, and regulatory compliance.

DSD Web Works Unveils Wireframe Mockups for Innovative AI-Integrated Portal

November 4, 2023

[Portland, OR; Nov. 4, 2023] -- DSD Web Works, a leading web development and technology solutions provider, announced today the unveiling of wireframe mockups for a groundbreaking front-end presentation of a new portal that integrates artificial intelligence (AI). The project was initiated in collaboration with a private venture capital firm that approached DSD Web Works to create a cutting-edge platform tailored to serve a specific niche market.

The highly anticipated platform, which is currently in development, harnesses the power of AI alongside multiple datasets and proprietary algorithms. These sophisticated algorithms are designed to analyze a wide range of datasets, each with variant weights, to determine quantitative rankings that will be invaluable to the target niche market.

"The integration of AI in this platform is a game-changer for the industry," said D. Scott Demmin, CEO of DSD Web Works. "Our team has been hard at work to bring together the power of AI, proprietary algorithms, and diverse datasets to create a unique solution that will provide unparalleled insights to our clients."

The project's multivariant analysis takes into account numerous factors, making it an ideal candidate for AI integration. This innovation promises to enhance decision-making processes and improve overall efficiency for individuals within the niche market.

At this stage, the project is still in the "quiet phase," and detailed information about the platform's functionalities and features is being closely guarded. However, DSD Web Works plans to release comprehensive project details as the development progresses.

DSD Web Works Joins Forces with Media3 and Cornell University

October 19, 2023

DSD Web Works, a leading technology solutions provider, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Media3, a managed cloud solution provider, and Cornell University for a significant server operating system upgrade. The project encompasses upgrades across all 11 Cornell team sites, requiring extensive scripting modifications to accommodate the integration of the latest MySQL and PHP versions, as well as an essential server operating system upgrade.

The collaboration between DSD Web Works, Media3, and Cornell University underscores a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance the performance and security of their web infrastructure. The project will result in an upgraded server operating system that will support the newest versions of MySQL and PHP, enabling Cornell University to stay at the forefront of web development and functionality.

The key objective of this project is to ensure the seamless integration of the latest MySQL and PHP versions while also addressing the critical server operating system upgrade. DSD Web Works, with its expertise in web development and technology solutions, will play a pivotal role in implementing the necessary scripting upgrades and server operating system modifications to meet this goal.

"This partnership is a testament to our dedication to delivering innovative technology solutions," said D. Scott Demmin, CEO of DSD Web Works. "We are honored to work alongside Media3 and Cornell University on this crucial project. The server operating system upgrade, in addition to the scripting enhancements, will not only enhance the performance of Cornell's websites but also bolster their security and reliability."

Media3, known for its expertise in managed cloud solutions, will provide essential infrastructure support, while DSD Web Works will take charge of the scripting upgrades and server operating system modifications, along with web development aspects of the project. Cornell University, a prestigious institution recognized for its commitment to excellence, seeks to leverage the latest technology to maintain and enhance its web presence.

As the project progresses, the partnership between DSD Web Works, Media3, and Cornell University promises to deliver a robust, future-proof solution that will significantly benefit both the university and its users.

DSD Web Works Selected for Azure D365 Forecast Planning Integration Project

October 2, 2023

DSD Web Works, a leading technology solutions provider, is proud to announce its selection by Coach & Equipment, a prominent bus manufacturing company, to lead a project involving the integration of chassis assignment into their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The project, a crucial element of Coach & Equipment's supply and resource planning, will leverage the power of Azure D365 Forecast Planning to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

This exciting collaboration between DSD Web Works and Coach & Equipment represents a significant step forward in optimizing bus manufacturing processes. DSD Web Works has been chosen as the trusted partner to integrate the complex task of chassis assignment into Coach & Equipment's ERP system, ensuring a seamless connection between supply, resource planning, and production.

The project's primary focus is on the integration of Azure D365 Forecast Planning, a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities of Microsoft Azure to provide advanced forecasting and planning solutions. By incorporating this technology, Coach & Equipment aims to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce lead times, and respond more effectively to market demands.

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