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SKOOBA Renews Internet Marketing Contract

January 1, 2011

SKOOBA Design has renewed their contract with DSD Web Works, maintaining DSD Web Works as lead internet marketing consultant.

Team Moon Moves

January 3, 2011

Team Moon has moved from Century 21 to Nothnagle Realty, and wishes to maintain their site created by DSD Web Works. DSD Web Works values this desire to continue their contractual relationship despite the move, and wishes Team Moon continued success in this new direction.

Keuka College Selects DSD Web Works

January 5, 2011

Keuka College has made the decision to select DSD Web Works on a monthly retainer for consulting design and web application development services. We are honored at this request and look forward to continuing our involvement with Keuka College.

Branding Changes to Team Moon

January 5, 2011

DSD Web Works has completed visual changes to the Team Moon Reality web site. The focus of these modifications were branding changes from Century 21 to the Nothnagle Reality.

DSD Web Works Presents Curtiss Museum Back-End

January 25, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works presented the Curtiss Museum with the completed re-design of the administrative back-end. The changes were successful and Curtiss Museum was pleased with the final result.

Orphan Hope Market Selects DSD Web Works

February 9, 2011

The Orphan Hope Market has selected DSD Web Works as lead consultant for their e-commerce site construction. DSD Web Works looks forward to creating helping this organization that is committed to building orphan's futures.

Curtiss Museum Site Revisions

February 24, 2011

DSD Web Works has completed a a few revisions to the Glenn Curtiss Museum web site design. The focus of these changes highlight the Centennial of Naval Aviation, celebrating Glenn Curtiss as the father of Naval Aviation throughout the site.

DSD Web Works Releases Curtiss Museum Back-End

March 1, 2011

Today DSD Web Works released the administrative back-end for the Curtiss Museum. This extensively re-designed back-end increases efficiency and ease of content management for museum staff.

New Feature Added to KWIC

March 9, 2011

A new feature has been added to KWIC's wastewater dadtabase. The Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative administrator's now have the ability to manage System Permits within the application, a feature that will be most useful to improving organization and constancy.

Initial Presentation of Keuka College IT Sevices Front-End

March 16, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works presented Keuka College IT Services with a front-end design for the department's web site. The design concepts were accepted and production of both the front and back ends for this project will commence.

Another Year with Eaves Dental

March 18, 2011

Today Eaves Dental extended its contract with DSD Web Works as the lead consultant and application developer for the Eaves Dental web site. We are pleased to continue this contract which began with DSD Web Works original design and layout for the site, and proud to announce this as our 10th year doing so.

Another New Feature for KWIC

March 19, 2011

DSD Web Works has added another new feature to the Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative web application. In addition to Permit Management, administrators can now manage System Violations within the custom built KWIC application.

DSD Web Works Hired for Digital Signage

March 21, 2011

Keuka College has hired DSD Web Works to create a custom web application for administrating their campus-wide digital signage program. DSD Web Works is honored to build on their relationship with Keuka College in this new opportunity for custom development.

Magento Platform Selected for Orphan Hope Market

March 21, 2011

The Magento Platform has been selected for the development of the Orphan Hope Market web site. DSD Web Works will remain the consultant during site theming.

Hitachi Metals America Introduces Energy Products

March 21, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works added a feature which introduced the Hitachi Metals America new line of energy related products on the company's web site. These unique products aim to preserve and protect natural resources.

DSD Web Works Presents Mock-Ups to the Village of Rushville

March 24, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works presented mock-ups of proposed home page and internal page samples to the Village of Rushville for their new village site. The Village Office was pleased with the mock-ups and agreed to move forward with these conceptual designs.

Curbeau Realty Renews Contract

April 1, 2011

Today, Curbeau Realty renewed their contract making this the sixth year of web site maintenance by DSD Web Works. We look forward to continuing our affiliation with Curbeau Realty and our involvement in their site updates and additions.

Review of Keuka College Digital Signage Web Application

April 6, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works and the Keuka College IT Services department reviewed the function of the Digital Signage Web Application for the first time. All were pleased with the intuitive, simple, and effective user interface.

Bluff Point Association Administrative Back-End Created

April 18, 2011

DSD Web Works has added to the Bluff Point Association web site by creating a membership administration back-end. This feature allows for authorized individuals to easily administrate membership.

Innovations Made to Hitachi Metals America - Clad Metals

April 25, 2011

Innovations have been made to Hitachi Metals America Specialty Steel Group's Clad Metals Products. DSD Web Works has developed a presentation update for this division underscoring the latest products and additions.

Hitachi Metals America Company Profile Page Update

April 26, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works released content changes to the Hitachi Metals America Company Profile page. These changes reveal updated content for this corporation which had a revenue of over $6.2 billion for the fiscal year of 2010.

Metglas Products Offered on Hitachi Metals America Main Site

May 11, 2011

The Metglas Division of Hitachi Metal America has made a request for products to roll into Hitachi Metals America main site. DSD Web Works has been asked to lead this integration that includes design concepts, which we have begun.

Coach and Equipment E-commerce Part Sales Released

May 18, 2011

DSD Web Works has released the Part Sales e-commerce component to Coach and Equipment's Part personnel. The essential administrative features allow for in house personnel to control the presentation of all parts on the soon to be released front end. This is a significant addition to the existing site, allowing for the online purchase of Coach and Equipment Parts by customers world-wide.

Invisalign Open House at Eaves Dental

May 26, 2011

Eaves Dental is proud to host an Invisalign Open House Tuesday, June 14th. To promote this event DSD Web Works designed special Invisalign branding content within the Eaves Family Dental web site. For this event, representatives from Invisalign will present those interested with information about their leading alternative to metal braces. All are welcome to attend.

Town Of Torrey Web Site Released

May 29, 2011

Today, the Town of Torrey web site was completed and released by DSD Web Works. This site features functionality and an abundance of information for both town administrators and visitors. The site is dynamically controlled by town personnel, which gives them the freedom and independence to add, modify, and edit the site content. This results into a significant cost savings for the town, which fulfilled the original concept as proposed by DSD Web Works.

DSD Web Works Hires Summer Intern

May 30, 2011

DSD Web Works has selected an intern for the 2011 Summer. Internship responsibilities include involvement in DSD Web Works' current projects utilizing the intern's formal education in graphical design. In addition, our new intern will be focusing on managing specific DSD Web Works iPartner clients.

Coach and Equipment Part Sales Released to Customers

June 7, 2011

Coach and Equipment has now released online Part Sales web application component designed by DSD Web Works to the public for testing. Current customers are now using the Internet, and more specifically, the custom built application to order parts in a convenient and easy manner.

Famous Brands - A Few Progressive Changes

June 10, 2011

This week DSD Web Works has added some innovative features and implemented a more progressive redesign of various elements within the Famous Brands Outlet website. These changes have had a significant effect on the overall site visual appeal and added to the interface usability.

DSD Web Works Volunteers Time for Town's Historical Documentation

June 16, 2011

Today DSD Web Works volunteers its time to advise the the Town of Wayne on the archiving of an extensive library of historical documents, objects, and photos.

DSD Web Works Completes Village of Rushville Administrative Back-End

June 20, 2011

DSD Web Works has completed Administrative scripts for the Village of Rushville. Village personnel are now utilizing these scripts to complete the creation of the site content in anticipation for an end of the month web site release.

KWIC Meets with DSD Web Works

July 8, 2011

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) met today with DSD Web Works to discuss functional enhancements to the popular and powerful watershed administrative application that DSD Web Works created. Expanding functionality to associated towns will allow town personal direct access to the KWIC data helping manage permits, violations, sewer hook-up and other watershed related activities.

DSD Web Works looks forward to our continued relationship with KWIC and are very pleased that the software application has been so well received and exceeded expectations. The collaborative efforts have been beneficial to all.

Keuka College IT Services Beta Tests Digital Signage Application

July 15, 2011

Today, the IT Services department of Keuka College begins beta testing of the Digital Signage Web Application that DSD Web Works custom developed. It allows for easy, campus wide creation and administration of the entire digital signage process.

Cornell University Selects DSD Web Works as Preferred Vendor

July 25, 2011

Cornell University contacted DSD Web Works today to announce that they were selected as a preferred vendor. We look forward to providing web design and development services for Cornell University and our excited about being the web development firm that was chosen.

New York Author Meets with DSD Web Works for Branding Consultation

July 28, 2011

A yet to be announced New York author interviewed D. Scott Demmin, DSD Web Works President, today as part of their selection process for hiring a consulting firm to manage the digital branding of several upcoming projects.

DSD Web Works was excited about the possibility of their role in the exciting 'adventure'.

Village of Penn Yan Migrates to new Email Server

August 6, 2011

Today DSD Web Works consulted on the migration of the Village of Penn Yan mail servers. The migration, updating both hardware and software, was a proactive step and resulted in a more advanced, stable and secure platform. The coordinated effort was cleanly executed with zero interruption to the operation of the town.

Bradford County Regional Arts Council Requests DSD Web Works Proposal

September 6, 2011

The Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) contacted DSD Web Works directly today requesting a proposal for the complete redesign of the council's web site. The BCRAC, located in Towanda Pennsylvania, is a regional Arts Council that owns and operates numerous historical theaters and promotes art and culture throughout their region. We are honored to receive a personal request.

Cornell Vegetable Program Selects DSD Web Works

September 9, 2011

Cornell Vegetable Program selects DSD Web Works to create a new custom content managed system (CMS) and web site for their web program. We are honored to have won the contract from a very capable and competitive field of software development firms. DSD Web Works looks forward to the task and working directly with the program's staff to create a custom fit solution.

DSD Web Works Guest Speaker at Cornell Cooperative Extension Team Meeting

September 16, 2011

Today DSD Web Works gave a 2 hour presentation on creating an effective web presence utilizing a custom content management system (CMS) that could be utilized across various geographical programs. Utilizing such a strategy would encourage 'shared content' collaboration across multiple teams throughout the state. In attendance were representatives from Ontario County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Orleans County Cornell Cooperative, Yates County Cornell Cooperative, Niagara County Cornell Cooperative, Washington County Cornell Cooperative and Cornell University.

DSD Web Works Partners with UPS

September 26, 2011

Today DSD Web Works met with UPS Solutions Group executives to discuss a third party integration solution tying our custom e-commerce application directly with UPS WorldShip. Partnering with UPS will allow both UPS and DSD Web Works to offer a more streamlined shipping approach for their mutual customers. The solution should be rolled out within the coming weeks.

Keuka Watershed Improvement Cooperative (KWIC) adds Evaluations

September 27, 2011

A new component was added to the custom built KWIC Wastewater Management System that now allows for site Evaluations. This new feature now allows inspectors from the towns of Barrington, Jerusalem, Milo, Pulteney, Urbana, Wayne and the villages of Penn Yan and Hammondsport to record Site Evaluations within the system. This is especially useful for preliminary recording of potential building sites on vacant land.

Cornell Capital Dist. Vegetable & Small Fruit Program Selects DSD Web Works

September 28, 2011

Cornell University Capital District Vegetable and Small Fruit Program has selected DSD Web Works to build a dynamic web site. The contract will include a complete custom built content management system allowing for multiple administrative bodies to control and manage content. Details of the layout and presentation will be forthcoming.

D. Scott Demmin Guest Lecturer at Keuka College - Media Frontiers

October 12, 2011

A lecture entitled 'Media Frontiers, Paradigm Shifts - Beauty and the Beast' was presented by D. Scott Demmin, owner DSD Web Works, today at 10:00 a.m. in LIB 101 on the Keuka College campus. The lecture offered a technological perspective in understanding the profound changes presently occurring in Media. Paradigm shifts resulting from technological advances contributing to the drastic shift of power associated with information access and the detailed and quite personal understanding of the individual within the 'digital' population were presented.

Coach and Equipment Integrates E-Commerce Solution with UPS WorldShip

October 12, 2011

Today DSD Web Works teamed with UPS to offer a seamless integration of Coach and Equipment's custom backend system with UPS WorldShip. Shipping warehouse personnel now simply select an order number within WorldShip and all fields auto fill within WorldShip. Allowing WorldShip to 'talk' with the database directly increases shipping efficiency and reduces shipping errors.

New Consulting Role for DSD Web Works with Humane Society of Yates County

November 5, 2011

DSD Web Works will be working in a volunteer consulting role to help the Humane Society of Yates County with regard to their Internet presence. Projects going forward include a new site re-design and hosting options. We look forward working with a solid organization who is helping, on a volunteer manner, helping animals within Yates county. We will help in any way we can.

Credit Invoice System Created

November 28, 2011

Coach and Equipment Bus Part Sales received an update to their custom e-commerce web application which now includes a credit invoice process. The new update includes creation, modification and reporting of all credited invoices.

Bus Parts Sales Front-End Mockups Reviewed

December 7, 2011

Today, DSD Web Works showed conceptual working copies of the new proposed presentation for the sale of bus parts. The new presentation utilizes a sophisticated number of algorithms that determine the most popular part categories, subcategories and most popular parts as defined by units sold. Using this data, we will be able to present an incredibly simplified user experience allowing for one to find "what they are looking for" in what is presently an immense inventory of parts. The concepts were very well received and we will pursue the finalization of the mockups into real world designs.

Multiple Site Mock-ups Reviewed by Cornell

December 8, 2011

The Cornell Vegetable Program enthusiastically approved mock-ups for their new site as presented by DSD Web Works. The layout is a crop driven motif that embraces a clean, simple and visually driven design. DSD Web Works will now begin the process of creating the front-end presentation, back-end database and appropriate scripts that will allow the dissemination of a significant amount of ever changing research based knowledge. Knowledge in the form of useful information, or data, that will be easily created and modified by authorized specialists and personnel.

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